Mirrored Cars

With our special painting process, we are also able to mirror whole vehicles with chrome lacquer. These chrome-mirrored showcars are for everyday use, but the mirror effect makes these vehicles shiny, unique phenomena.

Examples for cars in Chrome-Look

Bugatti Veyron in Chromlackierung
Bugatti Veyron
Renntech SL 600 im Chromlook
Renntech SL 600
Audi R 8 MTM verspiegelt
Audi R 8 MTM
Renntech SL 600 verspiegelt
Renntech SL 600
Rover Defender Chromoptik
Rover Defender
Audi R 8 MTM Chromlackierung
Audi R 8 MTM
Toyota Yaris verchromt
Toyota Yaris
A 8 MTM Chromlack

Chrome-finish of a Super-Sportscar

Here you can see pictures of a current project: Painting of all body parts of a super sports car in Chromlook.

Chromlackierung Supersportwagen
Sportwagen Chromlook
Verspiegelter Sportwagen


Full Paint of a Land Rover Defender in chrome look
This car was mirrored in our house with chrome lacquer.